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In the Riviera Maya there is not only cavern diving to offer you a special experience; even the Caraibbean Reef (part of the second biggest reef in the world, 300 km/ 190 mi) is pretty awesome here in the area with some wrecks and drift dives with a lot of wildlife. Within 25 minutes from the dive centre direction north we get to Playa del Carmen, where a 35 minutes ferry take divers to Cozumel. To Puerto Morelos an other 20 minutes direction Cancun to go dive the wreck. On the other side, really close to the dive centre, Puerto Aventuras and Akumal (famous for turtles); and south for a 20 minutes drive, Tulum. Even if the reef along the coast is nice pretty much everywhere, here some of the particular dives offered from every different surrounding place:




Bull Shark diving is the most famous attraction of Playa del Carmen, but as every beautyful thing, it’s only seasonal (generally from december to the beginning of march). Anyway the lifeful waters of Playa keep the beauty also without those big fish.




Really famous in the divers family for the decorated deep wall that offers one of the most panoramic drift dives of the Riviera. A good coordination and planning is a must in this dive, to make sure everybody can enjoy from the experience the most.




Apart of the many divespots on the reef close to the shore of Puerto Morelos, C56, a Navy minesweeper wreck, is probably the most interesting dive there. The wreck is open to allow divers penetration. It’s a 67m / 200 ft wreck where the corals found a place to grow and become home for many schools of fish.




A 20 minutes ferry distance from Cancun, Isla Mujeres is a famous spot for whales watching. The whal sharks every year like to chill for a while around this tiny lovely island. As tipical, scuba diving with those animali s not allowed due to stress, but many tours are organized every day to swim with those creatures. The best period to try meet them is between June and September.




In the shallow cristal waters between Cancun and Isla Mujeres there is a really particular dive experience to do: the “Underwater Museum”. A 150 sqare meters sandy bottom full of 400 statues of people called “Silent Evolution”, from the sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor.




From Puerto Aventuras (at 5 minutes distance from the centre) diving is really nice, not only for the easy trip to be able to jump in the water, but also because offer every kind of depths you may need for your first scuba diving experience as well as for experienced divers for a relaxing dive between the tiny coral canyons between the 20 and 30 meters (65-100 ft) where meet a turtle on swim or some barracudas checking for some food or a stingray forgetting to hide the tale.




Scuba diving in Akumal is for turtle lovers! Even for snorkellers, where they can enjoy the experience in the bay called with the animal name. According to it, on the reef of Akumal area the opportunity to have a turtle as buddy is pretty big.




Due to the slower development than Playa del Carmen, Tulum has one of the most beautyful beaches of the coast, and the water is cristalline. The colorfull reef extending from shallow to darker depths allows every water freak to live this experience.